Jared Stout

A thought leader with deep policy expertise spanning the entire space enterprise, Mr. Jared Stout oversees advocacy and outreach initiatives and leads Axiom Space’s policy objectives spanning the U.S. Government as well as state and regional activities. 

Prior to joining the private sector, Mr. Stout served in the White House as Deputy Executive Secretary and Chief of Staff for the National Space Council. At the National Space Council, Stout was responsible for managing the external affairs for the Council and formulation of U.S. national space policy and initiatives, working across the entire U.S. Government through the interagency process to coordinate space policy in the civil, commercial, and national security sectors.

Mr. Stout has previously served as Chief of Staff at the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Office of Commercial Space Transportation, where he had earlier served as Senior Advisor for Communications. Before joining the FAA, he was a Professional Staff Member supporting the Space Subcommittee of the Science, Space and Technology Committee in the House of Representatives, where he drafted significant portions of NASA Authorization Acts and the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act of 2015, among others.

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