Seyda Canepa

Seyda Canepa is a journalist, news-correspondent for the Turkish News Channel NTV currently in Italy. Along side this experience she has realized, as author and host, different porgrammes on international politics, economics and energy in the framework of NTV. Previously she was correspondent for NTV and CNBC-e in the Middle-East and Asia.

She covered several events worldwide such as war correspondent during the Gulf War II., US Presidential elections and many international summits around the world such as G7, G8, G20, DAVOS World Economic Forum. She has been owrking in collaboration for the past years with several Italian media networks and hosted in prominent talkshows. She has also been in many international conferences as host and moderator.

She has been a member of Scientific Committee of the Eastwest Magazine. She is Alumna of USA International Vistor Leadership program on Investigative Journalism. She has a degree in Political Science and International Relationship with honour from Trieste University

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