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The Council for United States and Italy, is an independent, private, non-profit bilateral association, launched in 1983 by Gianni Agnelli and David Rockefeller, Honorary Presidents, that has seen among its protagonists leaders of the Italian, American and international ruling class, from Marco Tronchetti Provera, CEO of Pirelli & C., current Honorary Chairman, to Sergio Marchionne of Fiat Fca, Chairman until 2018. Domenico Siniscalco, Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley, is the current Chairman of our organization, with Gianni Riotta, Visiting Professor Princeton University, Executive Vice Chairman.

The Council promotes relations between Italy and the United States and brings together executives from industry, economics and finance, managers, professionals, scientists, communication and media representatives, and scholars, both Italian and American, who are linked to the culture and development of the two communities with initiatives at the highest level in Italy and the USA. The atmosphere of our meetings is direct and friendly, invited speakers, political authorities, entrepreneurs, professors confront with our members in debates and personal conversations that allow them to be part of a unique and original network.

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In uncertain and turbulent times, the Council for Italy and the United States is the only forum exclusively dedicated to bilateral relations between Italy and the U.S., combining political and diplomatic action with a platform that involves Italian and American business, strengthening and sustaining collaboration, exchanges and friendship between the two countries, in the succession of Administrations and Governments. The Council reaffirms the non-partisan, independent, apolitical tradition of its Founders, Gianni Agnelli and David Rockefeller, combining it today with the challenges and political, economic and social cultures of the 21st century, and positioning itself as a place of free debate for the ruling class, leaders of public opinion, in a world where the classic Atlantic axis must confront the new realities in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

  • Further strengthen effective relations among business leaders in the US and Italy.
  • Share insights on the political and economic contexts in the two countries and beyond. Members are kept abreast of strategically relevant developments through the Council’s social media and dedicated newsletters.
  • Develop intelligence on markets and politics that might not be evident to the broader public but might have strategic value to decision makers.
  • Provide a platform for the analysis and discussion of the most momentous political and economic issues with the support of leading experts and contributors.

Domenico Siniscalco


Marco Tronchetti Provera


Gianni Riotta


The Council’s International Board includes American and Italian members – business leaders with a personal and/or corporate interest in the other country, plus a limited number of leaders from academia and other fields – and it is co-chaired by an American and an Italian, highlighting the distinctive binational character of the Council.

In its first years, the Council consisted solely of a Board. However, the Italian branch of the Council subsequently decided to broaden its membership, and now includes Associate Members, almost all from the business, financial, and professional sectors. The Council is financed by membership contributions, supplemented by public and private sector sources of funding for specific program events.

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