Project Syndicate – August 2021

  • “Will Central Bank Digital Currencies Doom Dollar Dominance?”, Barry Eichengreen;
  • “When America Remade the World Economy”, Jeffrey E. Garten;

The Anti-Vax Pox:

  • “America’s Republicans are killing their voters”, Jeffrey Frankel;
  • “That old time anti-vaxx feeling”, Daniel Gros;
  • “A dangerous new variant of populism”, Michael Burleigh;
  • “On liberty, conspiracy, and vaccination”, Hugo Drochon;
  • “Why vaccination should be compulsory”, Peter Singer;
  • “The rich world’s super-spreader shame”, Ngaire Woods, Anna Petherick;
  • “Investing in global vaccine equity acknowledges our shared fate”, Rosemarie Muganda;


  • “Why Nation-Building Failed in Afghanistan”, Daron Acemoglu;
  • “The US and China Are Not Destined for War”, Charles C. Krulak and Alex Friedman
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